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Ambidata – Digital Inovation Solutions & Consulting, Lda is a reference among Portuguese technology companies. Was created in 1999 and has offices in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal), Madrid (Spain) and Brazil, and also in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. Ambidata® creates, develops and implements Innovative Global Digital Solutions and Consulting, which have the ability to produce a totally digital working environment, with “less paper” records including LIMS, Quality Management and ERP Solutions.

Ambidata® is a PME Excelência (a Company Excellency Distinction), certified in two standards: ISO 9001:2008 and Portuguese standard for IDI, NP 4457:2007 (Ideas and Innovation), being the 1st company in the IT sector company and the 12th nationally to be certified by this standard, the and also belongs to the network PME Inovação COTEC for innovation. All Ambidata’s products are Microsoft certified, the source code is registered at ASOFT and all brands are registered trademarks.

Ambidata’s software solutions are all tested and certified by Microsoft, and it is also Silver Partner. This competence demonstrates that, the solutions presented to Ambidata’s customers were subjected to a rigorous approval and auditable process. 

Ambidata ® belongs to the network of SME Excellence (Small and Medium Enterprises) Innovation COTEC. This is a business qualification status created by IAPMEI, assigned to companies that meet rigorous criteria: Belonging at 2 first levels of rating (AAA or AA), based on the Annual Finances Report and fulfill a set of financial requirements, supported in the financial statements.

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Digitalflow is a business & technology consulting company that helps organizations implement Innovation and Procurement effective management systems with a strong focus on strategy execution, performance management and information systems. Digitalflow’s reward rests on a hands-on approach that accelerates and makes it easier for organizations to put cutting edge tools and methodologies into practice.

Digitalflow integrates best practice frameworks and proven methodologies as well as cutting edge information systems in compliance with all the legal, industry and security requirements. Digitalflow have delivered significant consulting projects along with customized training programs (in well-known frameworks and technologies) in a wide range of organizations and sectors such as ICT, Health, Education, Construction, Business Services, Industry and Public sector. 

In the area of enterprise innovation management, Digitalflow offers a wide range of solutions such as: “Innovation Assessment”; “Change Management Assessment”; “Innovation Management Systems”; “Innovation Strategy Toolkit”; Innovation Scorecard”; “Innovation Processes and Metrics” and the “Innovation Accelerator Framework”.

Digitalflow has the necessary skills and attitude to support and coach organizations in the implementation of successful projects. Digitalflow’s consultants have top-level qualifications such as: Kaplan - Norton Balanced Scorecard Certified Graduate (this program is recognized as the gold standard for strategy practitioner training and certification, validating the proficiency of the professional in all aspects of strategy execution), David Parmenter KPIs and R&D+I Manager. Through its network of partners, Digitalflow provides a complete solution (consulting, information systems, training and coaching) that drives sustainable change and the achievement of results. Digitalflow regularly cooperates with a wide international network of leading procurement & innovation organizations and participates in communities of practice and consortium projects.

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XLM has been presenting innovative solutions in software development, outsourcing and consulting services in the ICT industry since 1995. It’s daily work enhances the environment of innovation within our teams and partners, encouraging creativity and changing traditional paradigms thus seeking recognition with excellence. The engagement in demanding software engineering projects, resorting to the best development and management practices on a daily basis promotes the talent of its personnel.

It’s the company’s policy to act with seriousness and competence in the pursuit of our clients trust by working transparently and ethically while maintaining itsservices agile. XLM has worked in the telecommunications and utilities industry in the areas of billing, innovation management systems, project management and geographic information systems. XLM’s professionals have proven to be highly competent in the most recent web technologies, databases, mobile, application servers, operative systems, frameworks and automated testing, by following the best development practices.


ISO 9001:2008 standard since 2009. Scope: “Design, development and delivery of information systems, support services and outsourcing”

NP 4457:2007 for R&D+I since 2011. Scope: “Development and innovation in geographic information and management systems”

COTEC PME Inovação since 2012 (the Portuguese network of innovative SME organizations)

PME Lider since 2013 (assigned by IAPMEI)

Medium Company since 2013 (assigned by IAPMEI)

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