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CONTINUE TO GROW collaborates with customers (businesses and organizations) to develop projects that help them achieve their mission and deliver the expected outcomes. It offers innovation services that combine creativity and analytic tools to drive sustainable results.



Innovation Program Design, Innovation Toolkits, Frameworks & Tools Selection, Research Studies, among other


For Top Managers and Talent Enhancement (Innovation Managers, Innovation Agents, and Facilitators among other)

Innovation Essentials Package

Includes not only the typical software training and supporting services but comprehensive innovation services like Business Solution Enhancement and Individuals and Team Capabilities Development

Training & Education

Hands on Workshops, in-Company and Public Programs, Tailored Executive Training, Experience Sharing Meetings, Awareness Seminars among other

Innovation Master Class

Assessment & Audit

Innovation Opportunities, Key Capabilities, Market and Technology, Innovation Best Practises and Standards, among other



Strategy & Assessment

  • Innovation Assessment
  • Critical Innovation and Organizational Capabilities Assessment
  • Innovation Scorecard
  • Innovation Communication Supporting Actions


Organizational Culture & Collaboration

  • Key Stakeholder Intimacy with Innovation Supporting Actions
  • Building Innovation Culture Supporting Actions
  • Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing Software Application
  • Collaborative Work Processes and Resources Sharing Software Application
  • External Community Collaborative Software Application


Knowledge & Market Intelligence

  • Innovation Ecosystem Management Software Application
  • Market & Technology Surveillance Supporting Actions
  • Customer Intimacy Supporting Actions
  • Market Intelligence Supporting Actions
  • Innovation Knowledge Management Software Application
  • Innovation Knowledge Capturing, Retaining and Sharing Supporting Actions


Idea Generation

  • Idea Generation Process Design and Implementation Supporting Actions
  • Idea Generation Software Application
  • Enriching of Ideas and External Idea Markets Supporting Actions
  • External Idea Markets Supporting Actions
  • Game mechanics Software Application


Idea Execution

  • Idea Execution Software Solution
  • Idea Execution and Collaborative Project Management Supporting Actions
  • Innovation Budget Supporting Actions


Performance Evaluation

  • Innovation Performance Dashboards Software Application
  • Innovation Cycle Performance Measurement Supporting Actions
  • Innovation Management System Design and Implementation Supporting Actions



CONTINUE TO GROW sees alliances as the essence of its business model and fosters a creation of a vital network of associates and local partners to deliver value added solutions.

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