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After several months of continuos, hard working and enjoyfull months, it is time to present our latest products, ideaChef and Smart Crowd Strategy.

ideaChef is a board game, developed by CONTINUE TO GROW with the support of Politecnico de Milano – Design School, that provides a structured and collaborative approach to generate creative ideas quickly and efficiently. ideaChef uses cooking metaphors, to tackle a concrete business problems or challenges (currently on your players’ plates). ideaChef complements the creative and analytical approach with the game elements.

ideaChef will be presented on the 4th and 5th of June in Research 2 Business (R2B) in Bologna, Italy. R2B is the only exhibition in Italy where one can find new technologies, policies for the competitiveness of enterprises, the research of the future, European and the international markets. R2B is a place of strong concreteness for entrepreneurs and innovators who look to the future, who will participate of bilateral meetings among universities, research centres and companies.

If you want to know more about ideaChef, be sure to attend our event at R2B.


ideaChef DigitalFlyer

Later in June, we will be heading to ISPIM Innovation Conference that will be held in Budapest in 14th till 17th of June. On Budapest will will present Smart Crowd Strategy is a software-based solution that provides the following features: Vision Statement; Strategic Analysis; Strategy Statement; Objectives definition; Innovation Strategy Scorecard and Strategy progress and revision.

Sounds interesting? So be sure to attend our workshop at ISPIM, or ask for more information on our products.

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