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New Release of the Innovation Journey

This new version of CONTINUE TO GROW innovation self-assessment tool got a fresh look and a tutorial video. Free coaching is now available for completing the journey with our comprehensive support.


Back from an Innovation Journey..

Summer time is usually holiday season and CONTINUE TO GROW decided to go on a journey. Eager for adventures, its team packed its innovation capabilities and headed for discovering organizational growth challenges. As the ancient Portuguese travelers they encountered a path that many have walked but few have successfully arrived to the destination.

 This post serves for demystifying The Path for Growth – an Innovation Journey online self-assessment tool. 

Alliances Network nurturing organic growth of genuine engagement

Collaboration is one of the core values for building partnerships, networking and development of business relationships. How do we turn them durable, lasting in longer run and sustainable in terms of future challenges?

Continue To Grow participated at the XXV ISPIM and Open Innovation 2.0 Conferences in Dublin


Continue To Grow participated at the XXV ISPIM (8-11 June 2014) and Open Innovation 2.0 (12 June 2014) conferences both held in Dublin, Ireland. These are considered the most important European events in the area of Innovation.

NEWSLETTER June 2014: The Path for Growth - An Innovation Journey



Create your own roadmap for innovation by taking the Innovation Journey self Assessment Tool.  Complete the journey and sign up to get a benchmark report that lets you know where your organization stands in terms of industry average. Exploring patterns of innovation capabilities from other organizations will help you expand your own innovation practices.

Innovation Governance: Why Should Top Management Care?

It is easy to follow the rotine way of doing things nevetheless why not stopping once in a while in order to see what others do differently and why. This time we would like to address your attention to effectiveness of your management practices in terms of innovation governance.

Read the article Innovation Governance: Why Should Top Management Care? provided by InnovationManagement.se.



European Parliament election: party groups cautious on innovation

Today Science|Business published an article covering general pledges of the main party groupings’ European Parliament election: party groups cautious on innovation. What do they say?

ContinueToGrow will be present on the XXV ISPIM Innovation Conference

We are pleased to announce that ContinueToGrow will be presenting the article "Innovation Management Key Industry Insights" based on the outcomes of the R&D+I International Benchmark.

The XXV ISPIM Innovation Conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland on 8-11 June 2014 and will focus on – Innovation for Sustainable Economy & Society.

Presentation of “R&D+I International Benchmark” Report

The presentation of “R&D+I International Benchmark” Report was held at the Porto Business School.

The event was organized by ContinueToGrow shareholders in partnership with Inova-Ria (an ICT cluster) and Clarke, Modet & Cº Portugal (Intellectual Property experts).

Innovative "R&D+I International Benchmark” Report

The R&D+I International Benchmark study was conducted for Inova-Ria (an ICT cluster) by a project team of ContinueToGrow Shareholders.

 After reading this report (that you can download here), it will be possible to have a better understanding of the emergent Innovation Management market with strong insights of its most important challenges and opportunities.


CONTINUE TO GROW sees alliances as the essence of its business model and fosters a creation of a vital network of associates and local partners to deliver value added solutions.

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