INOVA-Ria Second Conference

CONTINUE TO GROW is part of the Inova-Ria Innovation Network, an Innovation Cluster companies' association founded in 2003, that contributes for the development and competitiveness of the Aveiro Region and the ICT Sector in Portugal. Cluster gathers more than 3500 high-skilled workers and is increasingly expanding to other major cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Coimbra.

Inova-Ria promotes, co-funds and manages collaborative projects (national and European) with its members companies, international institutions and companies. 

On October 29, both Maie Peetri and Roberto Martins from CONTINUE TO GROW, participated at the INOVA-Ria II Conference dedicated to intelligent coastal areas - SMARTCOAST. This Coastal Zones initiative aims to promote a new strategic approach that could demonstrate the potential of these land and sea territories to trigger opportunities for new technology-based businesses grounded in knowledge and scientific research associate. It seeks to mobilize all individual actors, relevant organizations and communities that contribute to smart specialization for the Portuguese coastal areas.

CONTINUE TO GROW had an exhibition booth and established valuable connections with entrepreneurs, other companies, public organizations and students. Being the focus of the conference, the technological innovation of related business in the coastal areas, CONTINUE TO GROW had the opportunity to showcase its solutions.

During the one day event, Maie and Roberto had the opportunity to engage with the conference visitors and disseminate The Path for Growth – an Innovation Journey online self-assessment tool which allows organisations to build their roadmap for Innovation. See what other say about it here.

With technology advancing to everyday life and business areas, innovation management is a requirement for all the organisations who constantly need to keep up with the changing market. Periodical innovation assessments and technology scanning methodologies help to o gain and maintain a competitive advantage over competitors, plus thrive a more decent return on innovation effort. In the light of current volatile advanced technology, CONTINUE TO GROW solutions integrate services and products tailored to organisations` needs, in particular the ones related to citizens and Coastal Zones communities engagement, participation and commitment with key projects and initiatives.

The INOVA-Ria II Conference was a good place for disseminating the new range of innovation solutions that CONTINUE TO GROW has developed. Our value added innovation solutions can help organisations to combine creativity and analytic tools to support higher innovation alignment, stakeholder engagement, provide necessary assessments and we also have fun tools for awareness raising and networking.


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