How to manage the innovation strategy with the support of a smart crowd community

In a faster change competitive environment, companies are being forced to think strategically about the purpose of their innovation practices on a more regular basis.

Strategy is no longer a process that can be suspended for a year without any revision or update. To be competitive in the global market, companies should have the means to define and translate their vision into a small and consistent set of key innovation strategy objectives. Aligning back-end innovation and ideation initiatives with the strategic objectives would help to keep them focus on their business priorities and turn more efficient the resource allocation process. 

In general, companies recognize the importance of the innovation strategy. However it is always complex and challenging involve the smart crowd (a diverse team of top managers, key employees and other relevant stakeholders) in this process. Managing strategy is a traditionally time-consuming process that does not accommodate top managers time constraints. It is usually difficult to commit and involve the right people in the same time frame, especially top managers and key employees placed in multiple locations or involved in client/project assignments.

Therefore, companies need support to engage more their smart crowd community with the strategic process. The solution is to provide a more structured, cost-effective, agile and rich system to design and execute the innovation strategy. Smart Crowd means that an organization can easily involve the right people (the key stakeholders) in this process. This type of system should balance the natural tensions between top management and other personal views and between top-down direction and employees creativity.

A lot of research and studies have been developed in order to involve and encourage the contributions and commitment of the above-mentioned smart crowd community with the strategy. Still new approaches and tools are for sure wanted and appreciated. We are developing a new tool to facilitate the strategy process of innovative companies. Particularly the ones competing in fast change business environments, with substantial time constrains, geographically distributed executive teams or partners and accountability requirements. We would like to share knowledge and discuss different points of view with other people interested in this topic about the way this process should be conducted. The ambition is to identify opportunities for breakthrough ideas and develop collaboration for new projects and approaches. 

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