How to Create a Supportive-Innovation Culture?

According to the latest Global Innovation 1000 Survey - Proven Paths to Innovation Success - published in the strategy+business issue 77 winter 2014, "the five specific capabilities and processes that respondents most often report having improved over the last decade were, in order of selection frequency:

  1. aligning the innovation portfolio with customer needs and wants,
  2. developing and retaining people with the right technical knowledge,
  3. ensuring that innovation leaders and business leaders are aligned,
  4. understanding new product- and service-related technologies and trends, and
  5. pursuing lean product development".

It means that culture is really key to innovation performance. Organizations that wish to embrace a supportive-innovation culture need to do two very important things:

1. Create a climate that increases the willingness to take risks, enhances talent, supports collaboration and communicates common values, beliefs and assumptions about the innovation process.

2. Create innovation artifacts. As suggested by Stock, R.M., Six, B. & Zacharias (2012) "artifacts transforms innovation-oriented values and norms into visible and tangible symbols, providing a physical representation of what is important to the firm and facilitating employees' interpretations of the firm's innovation efforts".

Soon I will dedicate some time to share my views about the way we can create engaging innovation artifacts.

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