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How to manage the innovation strategy with the support of a smart crowd community

In a faster change competitive environment, companies are being forced to think strategically about the purpose of their innovation practices on a more regular basis.

Meet Bettina von Stamm

The world of those passionate about innovation I still somewhat small, and you always meet people who know people you know, and often you then connect virtually. ISPIM is one of those events that ensures that such people actually meet face to face! 

Paving the Path for Innovation Purpose and Closing the Alignment Gap

Defining the organizational purpose and promoting organizational alignment are two key factors for creating a culture that supports innovation. In this series of articles focused on Innovation Culture, we are going to share insights and cases of organizations that implemented innovation programs (and less structured initiatives) with the involvement of a wide range of managers and employees.

First we take Vienna, then we take Cardiff(UK)

After a prolific week in Vienna, CONTINUE TO GROW is going to exhibit a new software based solution "Collaborative Intelligence" at Procurement Week 2015 in Cardiff.

How to Create a Supportive-Innovation Culture?

According to the latest Global Innovation 1000 Survey - Proven Paths to Innovation Success - published in the strategy+business issue 77 winter 2014, "the five specific capabilities and processes that respondents most often report having improved over the last decade were, in order of selection frequency:

What should be the innovation artifacts?

It has been highlighted on previous posts the critical role of artifacts in producing valued and expected behaviors. The main finding is that innovative behaviors are unlikely to occur unless these values and norms are manifest in the stories, physical layout, rituals, and language of the organization.

Get introduced to CONTINUE TO GROW Alliances Network

Together with the new year, CONTINUE TO GROW wishes to continue bringing valuable content to its audience. Besides, this year our focus will be on sales and delivering the solutions. We are very excited about it and hope to succeed well. 

Market Intelligence Oriented Culture: a Key Driver for Innovation

It is always a great achievement when we can affirm that something has been done according to one strategic plan, goal or thought.

In the sixth and last of a series of articles focused on Innovation Culture, the focus is on a process called Market Intelligence.

3 reasons why the “Path for Growth: an Innovation Journey” works

 Besides many other reasons for making this journey, we would like to call your attention to the following: 

Innovation Games: Going Beyond the Traditional Creativity and Analytical Tools and Methods

Innovation Games and its rapidly increasing applications are not anymore unknown concepts to innovation driven organizations.

In the fifth of a series of articles focused on Innovation Culture, our attention is on the emerging business use of innovation games beating all the traditional creativity and analytical tools.

We are good in developing innovation games! 


CONTINUE TO GROW sees alliances as the essence of its business model and fosters a creation of a vital network of associates and local partners to deliver value added solutions.

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