Did you know that Gamification can be used for ideation? A study at MIT Sloan found that ideation games helped participants generate more and better ideas, and compared it to gauging the influence of academic papers by the numbers of citations received in subsequent research.

As Gamificators, we provide creativity techniques that promote original thoughts by facilitating divergent or convergent thinking. Many corporations have used games to gather the input from their employees and improve their ideation process. 

In this next presentation, McKinsey principal Nathan Marston explains why innovation is increasingly important to driving corporate growth and brings to life the eight essentials of innovation performance.

ideaChef® is providing us a true journey with our partners, clients and friends to spread the practical gamification word, and show how all of us can benefit from it. Last week, Rui Patrício participated on a live webinar on "Growing Innovation Skills and Capabilities Through Gamification", hosted by Dawna Jones, where the main discussion was "What Critical Innovation Skills and Capabilities Emerge from a Gamified Approach?". If you missed it, you may watch it again in:


And finally, we have a new website for ideaChef®. We hope it illustrates the way this cutting edge method and tool supports organizations in their roadmap for change and boosts innovation. We share PLATO’s* believe concerning that «Life must be lived as play» and we create an innovative solution to boost and nurture in every business, new or mature, an entrepreneurial culture with significance.

ideaChef® is an innovative tool and method designed to enable teams to turn ideas into projects. It encourages entrepreneurial spirit in a more open, transparent and innovative thinking atmosphere.

Take part of ideaChef® is ideaChef® journey through our comprehensive range of training, facilitation and mentoring services that addresses multiple market segments like corporate entrepreneurship, education & training and start-up hubs special.

Embrace gamification and stay tuned with ideaChef® =)

- Please visit:http://ideachef.eu/ and share your thoughts with us.

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