2015 was a great year for the innovation industry, which continues to expand, develop and just get better. As Anthony Ferrier points out, "This is an exciting time to be within the space".

We believe in (and are passionate about) corporate gamification, as a tools that facilitates communication, that provides the right environment for new ideas to flourish, and to create a better team spirit.

That's why we congratulated when heard about another success story:

McDonald's believe that new starters must feel valued, confident and engaged right from the start, so they developed the Welcome Game, a board game designed to catalyse learner-led discussions about key customer experience and customer service issues that may be new to them.

Follow this link to learn more about the game (online PDF): http://focusactivelearning.com/Downloads/Mcdonalds/McDonalds Game Case Study.pdf

Gamification is a buzzword in business these days. Organizations are turning to gamification to engage their customers and motivate their employees. In this talk, Janaki will address what is gamification? Is it appropriate in the workplace? And what are some best practices that can help you design gamification that works!


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