We believe that the typical management of hierarchical and bureaucratic organisations need to evolve farther. The time has come for adaptive organisations to evolve how we perceive and live work.

Recently we've heard about liquid organisations where decisions can be taken close to their application point, systemic learning can happen in fast and continuous iterations.

Liquefying an organization means disrupting the industrial-age driven assumptions on which rigid structures are designed and move on to make it adaptive, dynamic and anti-fragile. Based on lean management and open collaboration principles, the liquid organization model is flat, meritocratic and value-driven, enabling stigmergic behaviour and "organic" effectiveness. (from Management Exchange).



From another point of view, Kurt Larson wrote a great article on how to tackle the greatest inhibitors to business agility. According to McKinsey and others, there are four primary inhibitors that can destroy your plans for and implementations of a more agile way of doing business:

  • Underlying IT systems
  • Corporate Culture
  • Organizational Structure
  • Business Process

Each one of these inhibitors can kill any attempts to create a sense of agility in your organisation. Combine them and your chances to extract your company from the clutches of business as usual, drop to virtually zero.

Contact us if you too want to build a culture of disruption in your organisation.

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